Hanasaka Jiisan

Farm Name/Company Name/Organization Name Hanasaka Jiisan
Representative Name Takashi Yamamoto
Production Location, Manufacturing Location, Store Location minoh
Phone Number 090-6736-6256 *Please refrain from sales and soliciting other than for procurement purposes. (Osaka Prefecture)
E-mail Address * When making inquiries via email, please replace "[a]" with "@" and send your message to the following address:
Message and Commitment from the Producer I began farming in 2022 and currently operate in both Minoh City and Toyonaka City. My goal is to become a valued member of the community by promoting sustainable agriculture in urban areas. I embrace techniques aligned with natural farming principles, including solar heat disinfection and soil enhancement. To ensure the safety and reliability of our crops, I abstain from pesticide use. Moreover, I actively contribute to preserving the local landscape and offer opportunities for agricultural experiences, all while pursuing continuous improvement.
Products Produced/Manufactured (including products not listed) Small watermelons
Same-day Delivery Not available

*Please refrain from sales and solicitation for purposes other than product procurement 【Osaka Prefecture】

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