Komatsuna Spinach

Product Name Komatsuna Spinach
Category vegetables
Product Description We grow "komatsuna spinach" without resorting to pesticides or chemical fertilizers. By leveraging organic fertilizers and harnessing the soil's microorganisms, we produce komatsuna spinach brimming with sweetness and flavor. Whether used in hot pot dishes, stir-fries, or quiches, cooking methods that highlight komatsuna spinach's taste are strongly recommended. Apart from our standard size, we can also fulfill orders for smaller sizes, approximately 15cm. These petite variants are favored for their readily noticeable sweetness and convenient single-serving portions.


Annual Production/Manufacturing Quantity 300 bags
Available Period
Beginning of Season Early January
End of Season Late December

Procurement Information

Order Lead Time Within one week
Delivery Method Delivery service or delivered via refrigerated shipping (shipping cost will be charged separately to the customer)
Delivery Area Delivery service available for northern part of Osaka, refrigerated shipping available nationwide (remote islands are excluded)
Weight/Volume 150g/bag
Storage Temperature Zone Refrigerated
Certification Osaka Eco Agricultural Products