Winter Melon

Product Name Winter Melon
Category vegetables
Product Description In the past, winter melon cultivation thrived in the Nishinari region of Osaka. Although this practice has waned, farmers in the Senshu region persist in cultivating it. The Tsunemichi Farm, now in its 16th generation, prioritizes minimal pesticide and chemical fertilizer usage in its winter melon cultivation. Special attention is given to soil improvement, achieved by incorporating straw to boost the population of soil microorganisms. The outcome of their dedicated soil management is a winter melon with a soft and mellow flavor. Additionally, these winter melons boast high storage durability and can be stored for approximately three months at room temperature.


Available Period
Beginning of Season Early July
End of Season Late October

Procurement Information

Order Lead Time 3-5 days
Delivery Method ・Delivery service ・In-house delivery available in the neighbourhood
Remarks Regarding Cases Negotiable
Storage Temperature Zone Store in a well-ventilated area at room temperature (winter melons can be stored for at least 3 months)
Certification Osaka Eco Agricultural Products