Product Name Strawberries
Category fruits
Product Description No pesticides or chemical fertilizers used, or even no fertilizers or water are provided at Misawo Farm, founded by the Hanatani couple. Instead, the couple provides carbon materials such as rice husks and wood chips to activate soil microorganisms, creating an environment that draws moisture and nutrients from deep within the soil. As a result, the strawberries are juicy, sweet, and well-balanced in acidity. The fact that they can deliver freshly harvested, fully ripe strawberries is also a noteworthy aspect of their approach.


Annual Production/Manufacturing Quantity 3t
Available Period
Beginning of Season Late December
End of Season Early June

Procurement Information

Order Lead Time Within one week
Delivery Method Delivery service
Delivery Area Nationwide
Remarks Regarding Cases Please consult with us
Storage Temperature Zone Refrigerated
Certification Osaka Eco Agricultural Products