Senshu onion

Product Name Senshu onion
Category vegetables
Product Description Senshu yellow onions feature rich moisture and a thick and soft texture. The well-drained soil in the Senshu region is ideal for cultivating onions. Moreover, minerals contained in the sea breeze also positively affect the growth and taste of onions. As “drying” is vital for the longevity of onions, we ship onions after drying them in a well-ventilated area for one week. Senshu is renowned as the birthplace of Japanese onion cultivation. Research and study on onion cultivation in Senshu started in 1884. Generations of expertise have ensured a consistent taste and yield of onions.


Annual Production/Manufacturing Quantity 997t
Available Period
Beginning of Season Late February
End of Season Late June

Procurement Information

Order Lead Time Within 10 to 14 days *It depends on the season and quantity.
Delivery Method Delivery service
Delivery Area Nationwide
Remarks Regarding Cases Please consult with us.
Storage Temperature Zone Refrigerated
Certification Osaka Eco Agricultural Products, Code of Sustainable Procurement
Other Certification Some of our products are not certified Osaka eco agricultural products. If you wish to purchase Osaka eco agricultural products, please inform the staff in charge of your request.