Komatsuna Spinach

Product Name Komatsuna Spinach
Category vegetables
Product Description At ANNO Fresh Farm, we're committed to delivering komatsuna spinach that retains its vibrant green color right to the tip of each leaf, showcasing its freshness. To achieve this, we incorporate cow dung compost (fermented cow dung) from Sakai and rice husks into our soil blend. This approach not only reduces our reliance on pesticides and chemical fertilizers but also fosters the growth of healthy komatsuna spinach resistant to diseases and pests. Furthermore, with over 40 years of experience, we employ various techniques such as using shading materials and precise watering to maintain a stable and fresh supply, especially during the summer months when production typically decreases.


Available Period
Beginning of Season Early January
End of Season Late December

Procurement Information

Order Lead Time Approximately 10 days (for large orders. It varies by the amount of order)
Delivery Method Pick-up only. Delivery service may be available for small orders, please consult with us in advance.
Weight/Volume 250g/bag
Quantity per Case 30 bags/case
Remarks Regarding Cases Available to provide in a container (5kg), please consult with us.
Storage Temperature Zone Refrigerated
Certification Osaka Eco Agricultural Products