Inui Farm

Farm Name/Company Name/Organization Name Inui Farm
Representative Name Inui Yuka
Production Location, Manufacturing Location, Store Location tondabayashi
Notes Regarding Contact Information Please use the contact form on the website for inquiries.
Message and Commitment from the Producer Ebiimo (shrimp-shaped taro) cultivation methods can vary by region, but at our farm, we take special care to perform "hill-up" frequently. Hilling-up involves mounding soil around and the top of the taro plants, and this process helps create well-shaped and firm Ebiimo. We refrain from using chemical fertilizers and instead use the right amount of fertilizers. Additionally, we've been using self-harvested seed taro for generations, ensuring consistent taste and quality. After harvesting, we take measures to maintain freshness, such as removing soil with air instead of water to prevent damage to the Ebiimo.
Products Produced/Manufactured (including products not listed) Ebiimo (shrimp-shaped taro), Eggplant, Cucumber
Same-day Delivery Not available

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