Tondabayashi Senryo Eggplant

Product Name Tondabayashi Senryo Eggplant
Category vegetables
Product Description At Inui Farm, our Senryo eggplants are renowned for their tender skin and generous size. Each flower in our garden receives meticulous hand pollination to ensure optimal growth. Unlike conventional methods such as natural breeding or bee pollination, we devote time and effort to expedite the eggplants' expansion, resulting in soft and fleshy textures. Remarkably, our "Tondabayashi Senryo Eggplant" holds the distinction of being the first agricultural product in Osaka Prefecture to receive recognition as a "Food with Functional Claims," known for its potential to lower high blood pressure. Analysis conducted by the Osaka Prefectural Environmental Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Research Institute has revealed that each 120g serving contains over 20mg of GABA.


Available Period
Beginning of Season Early April
End of Season Late August

Procurement Information

Order Lead Time 2-3days
Delivery Method Delivery service
Quantity per Case 5kg/case(32 eggplants or more) or 30 bags (2 eggplants/bag)
Storage Temperature Zone Room temperature
Certification JGAP
Other Certification Foods with Functional Claims