Taguchi Farm

Farm Name/Company Name/Organization Name Taguchi Farm
Representative Name Kenichi Taguchi
Production Location, Manufacturing Location, Store Location 和泉市
Phone Number 072-2592-0854
E-mail Address * When making inquiries via email, please replace "[a]" with "@" and send your message to the following address:
Contact Person Kenichi Taguchi
Message and Commitment from the Producer Initially focused on growing tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, and various other vegetables, our farm transitioned to rice cultivation during my father's time, and we've since become exclusively dedicated to rice farming. Adjacent to our farm, we're blessed with a source of cold, crystal-clear water from Mount Makio. Utilizing this pristine water for our rice cultivation allows us to consistently produce delicious rice, even through the hot summer months. Furthermore, we cultivate multiple rice varieties, staggering their growth periods, so you can savor the diverse flavors each variety offers.
Products Produced/Manufactured (including products not listed) Rice, Puffed rice
Same-day Delivery Not available

*Please refrain from sales and solicitation for purposes other than product procurement 【Osaka Prefecture】

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