Waka Gobo (Burdock Roots)

Product Name Waka Gobo (Burdock Roots)
Category vegetables
Special Feature Traditional Vegetables
Product Description Revered as a herald of spring, the history of cultivation of waka gobo started in the Edo period (1603-1867) in Yao City. Despite its name, which might suggest early harvesting ("waka" means young in Japanese), this is a different variety. Waka gobo leaves offer a subtle bitterness, the stems are prized for their crisp texture. In addition to that, every part of waka gobo such as leaves, stems, and roots is utilized with no waste. The secret method to make a soft texture and minimal bitterness of Yao waka gobo is to cut mature stems and collect only new shoots to be shipped.


Available Period
Beginning of Season Mid-January
End of Season Late March

Procurement Information

Order Lead Time Within one week
Delivery Method Delivery service, Pick-up, or In-house delivery within Yao City upon request
Quantity per Case 3 bunches (1.5kg) / 1 case, 20 bunches (10kg) /1 case
Remarks Regarding Cases Shipping fee is not included
Storage Temperature Zone Keep roots moist at room temperature or boil and freeze
Suggested Retail Prices 300 yen / bunch + box price (1,000 yen / 3 bunches, 6,000 yen / 20 bunches)
Certification Osaka Eco Agricultural Products
Other Certification Certified as Yao Specialty Product