Product Name Tomato
Category vegetables
Product Description We prioritize cultivating tomatoes with a well-rounded flavor profile, balancing sweetness and acidity. Our approach involves meticulously selecting and blending organic fertilizers, coupled with precise irrigation management, to enhance the richness of our tomatoes. Additionally, we implement eco-friendly practices like introducing natural predators to control pests, resulting in pesticide usage that is less than one-fourth of the standard for eco-farmed products in Osaka, thus ensuring both safety and peace of mind.


Annual Production/Manufacturing Quantity 1500kg
Available Period
Beginning of Season Late May
End of Season Early August

Procurement Information

Order Lead Time Within 1 week (depending on the availability in stock)
Delivery Method Delivery service
Delivery Area Nationwide
Remarks Regarding Cases Negotiable
Storage Temperature Zone Refrigerated
Certification Osaka Eco Agricultural Products, CFP (carbon footprint of product)
Other Certification 1% CO2 reduction