Product Name Tomato
Category vegetables
Product Description Kawabata Farm specializes in cultivating large-sized tomatoes, emphasizing a well-balanced combination of sweetness, acidity, umami, and size, prioritizing overall flavor rather than solely focusing on sugar content. They employ fertilizers crafted from fish powder and kombu (kelp), enriching the tomatoes with phosphoric acid, amino acids, and minerals to impart a robust umami flavor. While these tomatoes are delightful when enjoyed fresh, their versatile flavor makes them equally suitable for various cooked dishes like pasta sauce and soup, ensuring the natural taste of tomatoes shines through even in heated preparations.


Annual Production/Manufacturing Quantity 30t
Available Period
Beginning of Season Early April
End of Season Late July

Procurement Information

Order Lead Time Within one week (Depending on quantity and other factors)
Delivery Method Delivery service (In-house delivery is available to address in Kawachi Nagano City, please consult with us)
Weight/Volume 500 - 550g / 1 bag
Quantity per Case 4kg / 1 case
Remarks Regarding Cases Minimum of 10 bags for businesses, when bagged.
Storage Temperature Zone Room temperature (Refrigerate in summer)
Certification Osaka Eco Agricultural Products