Product Name Rice
Category rice
Product Description We focus on cultivating varieties like Koshihikari and Hinohikari, known for their chewy texture and rich sweetness. Alongside regular rice, they offer "Eco Rice," certified by Osaka Eco Agricultural Products, and "Eco Milkvetch Rice," grown with lotus flowers in the paddy fields as green manure. To minimize pesticide use, we employ methods such as disinfecting with 60 ℃ hot water for "Eco Rice" and "Eco Milkvetch Rice." These efforts reflect our commitment to producing rice that consumers can trust. We package our products at the producer level to ensure transparency, aiming to provide reassurance to everyone who consumes their rice by knowing who produced it and where it came from.


Annual Production/Manufacturing Quantity Premium Rice: 2,300kg, Eco Rice: 500kg, Eco Milkvetch Rice: 500kg
Available Period
Beginning of Season Early January
End of Season Late December

Procurement Information

Order Lead Time Within 5 days
Delivery Method Negotiable
Weight/Volume 5kg/bag, 2kg/bag
Storage Temperature Zone Room temperature
Certification Osaka Eco Agricultural Products