Product Name Okra
Category vegetables
Product Description The okra from SMILE Farm UCHINO boasts a unique trait of being remarkably sweet and devoid of bitterness, thanks to its exclusive fertilizer blend comprising rice bran, soy pulp, and lactic acid bacteria. This special fertilizer helps to soften the soil, resulting in a light and airy texture. We prioritize safety and security by exclusively using pesticides approved by organic JAS. For a delightful culinary experience, we recommend combining our okra with corn to create tempura; the natural sweetness of both ingredients perfectly harmonizes. Alternatively, adding it to miso soup enhances its richness and flavor.


Available Period
Beginning of Season Early July
End of Season Early September

Procurement Information

Order Lead Time 2~3days
Delivery Method Negotiable
Delivery Area Negotiable
Remarks Regarding Cases Negotiable
Storage Temperature Zone Room temperature is acceptable (preferably 10-15℃)
Certification Osaka Eco Agricultural Products