Ebiimo (shrimp-shaped taro)

Product Name Ebiimo (shrimp-shaped taro)
Category vegetables
Product Description Ebiimo is a type of yam that gets its name from its resemblance to shrimp, both in shape and the patterns on its skin. It is consumed in two parts: the large, round bulbous part and the stem known as "zuiki." The bulbous part is cooked using similar methods as regular yams but has a strong stickiness and is less likely to become mushy when boiled. Steaming it gives it a fluffy and slightly chewy texture. Ebiimo from Inui Farm gained popularity after being used in a high-end restaurant. These yams are grown using carefully selected fertilizers like cottonseed oil cake, resulting in a sweet and high-quality product that has gained a reputation for its consistent quality.


Available Period
Beginning of Season Early November
End of Season Mid-December

Procurement Information

Order Lead Time Approximately 1 week
Delivery Method Delivery service
Weight/Volume 5kg/ 1 case
Storage Temperature Zone Room temperature
Certification JGAP
Other Certification Received the Naniwa Agriculture Award in 2021, Geographical Indication