Product Name Carrot
Category vegetables
Product Description At "SMILE farm UCHINO," our goal with our cultivated carrots is to offer a perfect match for enjoying raw, like vegetable sticks. We specifically use the renowned "Ayahomare" variety from Kishiwada, known for its strong sweetness and minimal bitterness or pungency. Our farm places great emphasis on soil cultivation, harnessing the power of beneficial microorganisms such as lactic acid bacteria and bacillus natto to maintain an optimal soil environment. We're mindful not to overdo fertilization, understanding that excess nutrients can result in unwanted bitterness or pungency. Instead, we carefully apply fertilizers in appropriate quantities while keeping a close eye on the soil condition.


Available Period
Beginning of Season Early December
End of Season Early February

Procurement Information

Order Lead Time 2~3days
Delivery Method Negotiable
Delivery Area Negotiable
Remarks Regarding Cases Negotiable
Storage Temperature Zone Room temperature
Certification Osaka Eco Agricultural Products