Tanaka Farm

Farm Name/Company Name/Organization Name Tanaka Farm
Representative Name Tanaka Ryuji
Production Location, Manufacturing Location, Store Location tondabayashi
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Message and Commitment from the Producer We've achieved certification as an Osaka Eco-Farming Product by significantly reducing pesticide usage to less than 50% of conventional eggplant cultivation. Emphasizing organic fertilizers, our eggplants are meticulously grown to meet stringent standards. Sensitivity to temperature fluctuations, particularly from April to May, poses a risk of skin discoloration. Yet, we diligently regulate temperatures, ensuring stable, high-quality eggplants. Harvested in the morning, they are promptly shipped on the same day, and packaged in freshness-preserving containers for optimal quality.
Products Produced/Manufactured (including products not listed) Eggplants, Cucumbers
Same-day Delivery Not available

*Please refrain from sales and solicitation for purposes other than product procurement 【Osaka Prefecture】

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