Izumoto Farm

Farm Name/Company Name/Organization Name Izumoto Farm
Representative Name Naoki Izumoto
Production Location, Manufacturing Location, Store Location chihaya-akasaka-village
Phone Number 090-9700-7959 *Please refrain from sales and soliciting other than for procurement purposes. (Osaka Prefecture)
E-mail Address * When making inquiries via email, please replace "[a]" with "@" and send your message to the following address:
Contact Person Naoki Izumoto
Message and Commitment from the Producer In the fall of 2019, I embarked on a new farming venture. My goal is to cultivate strawberries bursting with such rich flavor that they'll elicit a "Wow, this is delicious" reaction. Creating the perfect environment for strawberry growth is paramount, which is why I prioritize soil enhancement techniques like incorporating lactic acid bacteria and subtilis natto to ward off diseases. Moreover, in my efforts to reduce reliance on chemical pesticides, I employ beneficial microorganisms that serve as natural predators to pests. Through constant experimentation and learning, I'm dedicated to nurturing these strawberries to perfection.
Products Produced/Manufactured (including products not listed) Strawberry, Sweet potato
Same-day Delivery Available
Notes regarding same-day delivery Pick-up only (depends on the availability in stock )

*Please refrain from sales and solicitation for purposes other than product procurement 【Osaka Prefecture】

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