ANNO Fresh Farm

Farm Name/Company Name/Organization Name ANNO Fresh Farm
Representative Name Anno Shouji
Production Location, Manufacturing Location, Store Location sakai
Phone Number 090-8375-6728
Contact Person Anno Shouji
Message and Commitment from the Producer Mizuna mustard green, renowned for its delicate nature and susceptibility to wilting, receives expert care at ANNO Fresh Farm. Situated near consumers, the farm not only delivers mizuna in an exceptionally fresh state but also prioritizes meticulous freshness management. Harvesting occurs early in the morning to mid-morning, followed by refrigeration throughout the day for pre-cooling and preparation before shipment. This conscientious approach is essential for preserving the vegetable's freshness. Given mizuna's vulnerability to Fusarium, a fungus, ANNO Fresh Farm employs careful soil preparation to cultivate a variety that is less prone to diseases, ensuring a high-quality and resilient mizuna.
Products Produced/Manufactured (including products not listed) Mizuna Mustard Green, Leafy green vegetables (Vary by season)
Same-day Delivery Not available

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