Mizuna Mustard Green

Product Name Mizuna Mustard Green
Category vegetables
Product Description ANNO Fresh Farm's mizuna mustard green, certified as an Osaka Eco-Farming Product, thrives through the use of taihi (organic fertilizer) that introduces beneficial microorganisms into the soil. This practice effectively suppresses diseases and pests, allowing for a substantial reduction in the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. The farm specializes in offering small and tender mizuna plants, perfect for salads and various culinary delights. Following the harvest, rigorous checks are conducted in the fields to ensure the mizuna is free from diseases or pests. Only after meticulous inspection and sorting is the mizuna deemed ready for shipment.


Available Period
Beginning of Season Early January
End of Season Late December

Procurement Information

Order Lead Time About 10 days (For large orders. Lead time vary by quantity)
Delivery Method ・Pick-up ・In-house delivery available for small orders (Consult with us)
Weight/Volume 200g / 1 bag
Quantity per Case 25 units / 1 case
Remarks Regarding Cases Available to provide in a container (10kg), please consult with us
Storage Temperature Zone Refrigerated
Suggested Retail Prices Minimum price: 70 yen / 1 bag (price may vary depending on the season and other factors)
Certification Osaka Eco Agricultural Products