Salad Spinach

Product Name Salad Spinach
Category vegetables
Special Feature Salad Greens, Foods produced with the participation of persons with disabilities
Product Description Heartland's salad spinach is cultivated under precise control through hydroponics. Certified as an Osaka Eco-Farming Product, with a criteria of a 50% reduction in pesticides and chemical fertilizers, going above and beyond the specified amount. This spinach, free from bitterness, is ideal for raw consumption. Shipped with the roots cut, it offers convenience, requiring just a quick rinse before immediate use.


Annual Production/Manufacturing Quantity About 40t
Available Period
Beginning of Season Early January
End of Season Late December

Procurement Information

Order Lead Time Within one week (Depending on quantity, season and other factors. Please consult with us)
Delivery Method Delivery service and other methods (Please consult with us)
Weight/Volume 50g - 60g/ bag
Quantity per Case 20 bags/ 1 box, 30 bags/ 1 box
Remarks Regarding Cases From 20 bags (Please consult with us)
Storage Temperature Zone Refrigerated
Certification Osaka Eco Agricultural Products