Konnyaku made with Fresh Osaka Konjac Potato 250g

Product Name Konnyaku made with Fresh Osaka Konjac Potato 250g
Category processed-foods-excluding-alcoholic-beverages
Product Description Our products exclusively utilize konjac potatoes sourced from Osaka. These potatoes are cultivated by Nakao Food Company, which aims to rejuvenate the local community by directly engaging local farmers in Osaka for production. Unlike the traditional method of using powdered konjac, our approach combines powdered and raw konjac for a superior texture. Moreover, we pay close attention to the water temperature during dissolution, maintaining it at approximately 20 degrees Celsius to ensure the gradual expansion of glucomannan. Afterward, the mixture is carefully poured into cans and steamed slowly for 2 to 3 hours, resulting in konnyaku with a delightful crispy texture. 


Available Period
Beginning of Season Early January
End of Season Late December

Manufacturing Information

Name of Osaka-mon Ingredient Used Konjac potato
Source of Osaka-mon Ingredients Izumi City, Kawachi Nagano City
Raw Materials Konjac potato (from Osaka), Konjac powder (domestic), Calcium hydroxide (coagulant for konnyaku)

Procurement Information

Order Lead Time 2 - 3 days (depending on quantity)
Delivery Method Delivery service
Delivery Area Nationwide
Quantity per Case 30 konnyaku/case
Remarks Regarding Cases Negotiable
Storage Temperature Zone Room temperature
Expiry Date 120 days after manufacture
Suggested Retail Prices 214 yen (with tax)/konnyaku
Certification Organic JAS