Aged Black Garlic

Product Name Aged Black Garlic
Category processed-foods-excluding-alcoholic-beverages
Special Feature Foods produced with the participation of persons with disabilities
Product Description Himawarien’s black garlic is produced by sun-drying garlic for approximately 3-5 months and further aged for 1 month in a maturation chamber. The power of fermentation mellows the characteristic odor of garlic, transforming it into a sweet and chewy texture reminiscent of dried fruits. Additionally, the polyphenol content significantly increases, offering antioxidant properties. It can be enjoyed as is or added to dishes like curry and hashed beef with rice to enhance their richness and mellowness. It is also used as a secret ingredient in sauces at Italian restaurants in Osaka.


Annual Production/Manufacturing Quantity 120kg
Available Period
Beginning of Season Early January
End of Season Late December

Manufacturing Information

Name of Osaka-mon Ingredient Used Garlic
Source of Osaka-mon Ingredients Himawari Kobo Co., Ltd
Raw Materials Garlic

Procurement Information

Order Lead Time Shipped within 1 week (depending on quantity)
Delivery Method Delivery service
Remarks Regarding Cases Sold in bags of 100g and 50g each
Storage Temperature Zone Room temperature
Expiry Date 6 months from the manufacturing date
Suggested Retail Prices 400 yen / 50g, 800 yen/100g
Other Certification Habikino Brand Certified Product