Agata Vineyard

Farm Name/Company Name/Organization Name Agata Vineyard
Representative Name Shouzou Agata
Production Location, Manufacturing Location, Store Location 貝塚市
Phone Number 072-432-6420
Message and Commitment from the Producer In our vineyard, we prioritize the "cultivation environment." We incorporate mountain sand into our soil to fine-tune its composition and enhance drainage. We also enrich the soil with materials like rice hull compost to create a deep, flavorful profile for our crops. Furthermore, we rely on rainwater for irrigation. Through meticulous control of temperature and humidity, we're able to harvest grapes slightly ahead of the usual distribution period.
Same-day Delivery Available
Notes regarding same-day delivery Pick-up only (depends on the availability in stock )

*Please refrain from sales and solicitation for purposes other than product procurement 【Osaka Prefecture】

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