Yume Budou (Dream Grapes)

Product Name Yume Budou (Dream Grapes)
Category fruits
Product Description Asahi Farm's grapes are renowned for their exceptional sweetness, large berry and cluster sizes, and uniform shape. Our secret lies in a farming technique known as "root zone restriction cultivation," which involves planting trees in small pots to control root spread. This method encourages the growth of fine roots and maximizes their surface area, allowing us to regulate water stress and produce grapes with high sugar content. Our grapes typically boast a sugar content of at least 18 degrees, reaching up to 25 degrees at their peak sweetness. We cultivate a variety of grapes, including Shine Muscat, Musca Thirteen, Scarlett, and more, totaling over 10 varieties. While our grapes are primarily available at farm stands, availability is limited, so it's advisable to inquire in advance. Additionally, in the event of fresh fruit shortages, frozen options may be available upon request.


Annual Production/Manufacturing Quantity 5t
Available Period
Beginning of Season Mid-July
End of Season Early October

Procurement Information

Order Lead Time 3-4days
Delivery Method Delivery service (Refrigerated shipping)
Delivery Area Nationwide
Quantity per Case 1kg/case, 1.5kg/case, 2kg/case, 3kg/case
Storage Temperature Zone Refrigerated (frozen items are kept frozen)
Certification Osaka Eco Agricultural Products, CFP (carbon footprint of product)
Other Certification 38% CO2 reduction

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