Unshu Mikan (Mandarin Orange)

Product Name Unshu Mikan (Mandarin Orange)
Category fruits
Product Description In approximately 1963, the Kami no Taishi Kanko Mikanen (Kami no Taishi Tourist Orange Orchard) emerged from the reclamation of pine forests. The well-draining soil, abundant in stones, posed initial challenges like the necessity for frequent watering. Over time, the trees have developed strong roots, reaching beneath the stones, enabling the steady growth of sweet and large mandarin oranges. Unlike many orchards situated along the coast, our unique mountain-derived soil provides rich nutrients, contributing to mandarin oranges that stand out in terms of sweetness, acidity, and flavor.


Available Period
Beginning of Season Early October
End of Season Late November

Procurement Information

Order Lead Time 2-4 days (Depending on quantity and other factors)
Delivery Method ・Delivery service ・Pick-up
Quantity per Case 10kg or 5kg / 1 case
Storage Temperature Zone Room temperature (Avoid high temperature and humidity, store with the case lid open)
Suggested Retail Prices 3,300 yen / 10kg, 1,700 yen / 5kg
Certification Osaka Eco Agricultural Products