Senshu Matsunami cabbage

Product Name Senshu Matsunami cabbage
Category vegetables
Product Description Matsunami cabbages are cultivated on the seashore opposite to Kansai Airport. They are planted in the paddy fields after the rice harvest because the slope between the Izumi Mountains and the sea is steep enough to make the soil well-drained, which is suitable for cabbage cultivation. Growing in the rich soil, these cabbages are renowned as nutritious and delicious, featuring a sweet flavor and crisp texture. Sweetness increases as it gets colder, reaching a 12 to 14 sugar content and it increases even more when heated. These cabbages are popular as the ingredient of Okonomiyaki, and are loved in the Kansai region as the brand leader.


Annual Production/Manufacturing Quantity 3,500t
Available Period
Beginning of Season Early December
End of Season Late February

Procurement Information

Order Lead Time Same day (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM) *It depends on the season and quantity.
Delivery Method Pick-up only
Quantity per Case 10kg(4-10cabbages)/case
Remarks Regarding Cases Only for business operators (including small retail shops and restaurants). We ask individual customers to buy products from farm stands.
Storage Temperature Zone Refrigerated
Certification Osaka Eco Agricultural Products, Code of Sustainable Procurement
Other Certification Some of our products are not certified Osaka eco agricultural products. If you wish to purchase Osaka eco agricultural products, please inform the staff in charge of your request.