Product Name Sardine
Category seafood
Product Description One of the distinctive features of Osaka's sardine is its rich white fat layer beneath the skin, thanks to the abundant plankton in the local seas. It is suitable for various cooking methods such as sashimi, salt-grilling, tempura, and frying. Immediately after catching, it is iced with negatively ionized ice with bacteriostatic effects to maintain high freshness and then brought back to the fishing port. Thorough freshness management is also carried out until shipment, including hitting the upper ice after landing. Fresh sardines have a firm texture with a delightful bite and melts with a subtle, flavorful fat. *Please note that the MEL (Marine Eco Label) certification is granted to sardines caught by the Osaka Prefecture Purse Seine Fishery Association. **Sardines from Osaka Prefecture Purse Seine Fishery Association have obtained Food with Functional Claims (DHA/EPA).


Annual Production/Manufacturing Quantity 2000t (Varies by year)
Available Period
Beginning of Season Early July
End of Season Mid-October

Procurement Information

Order Lead Time Negotiable
Delivery Method Negotiable
Remarks Regarding Cases Negotiable
Storage Temperature Zone Refrigerated
Certification MEL (Marine Eco Label)