Sakura Otome Rice

Product Name Sakura Otome Rice
Category rice
Product Description We cultivate Kinuhikari variety of rice, known for its distinct characteristics. Unlike the stickier Koshihikari, Kinuhikari offers a lighter taste with each grain retaining a firm texture, providing a satisfying mouthfeel. In our commitment to delivering rice that is safe and trustworthy, we prioritize reduced pesticide and chemical fertilizer usage during cultivation. Our rice selection includes two options for discerning customers: "Eco Rice" and "Milkvetch Rice." "Eco Rice" is grown with a 50% reduction in pesticide and chemical fertilizer compared to conventional methods, ensuring a more environmentally friendly approach. On the other hand, "Milkvetch Rice" involves an innovative technique where milkvetch roots are planted before rice cultivation. This unique method harnesses the beneficial microorganisms attached to the roots, further minimizing the need for chemical fertilizers compared to "Eco Rice." *We offer brown rice for those seeking a wholesome alternative. *Please note that the availability of our rice varieties may vary, and sales may end once shipments are complete.


Annual Production/Manufacturing Quantity Approximately 5.5 ton
Available Period
Beginning of Season Late October
End of Season Late August

Procurement Information

Order Lead Time Please call us as the lead time varies by region.
Remarks Regarding Cases Negotiable
Storage Temperature Zone Room temperature (store in a shaded area to refrain high temperatures)
Suggested Retail Prices ●Eco Rice: 2kg for 1,000 yen, 5kg for 2,300 yen, 30kg for 9,000 yen ●Milkvetch Rice: 2kg for 1,100 yen, 5kg for 2,600 yen, 30kg for 10,000 yen. *The same price for polished or brown rice.
Certification Osaka Eco Agricultural Products

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