Product Name Onion
Category vegetables
Product Description At Rabbit Farm, both our "Yellow Onion" and "Purple Onion" varieties are renowned for their pronounced sweetness. Our secret lies in our open-field cultivation approach, where we avoid using pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or weedkillers, ensuring minimal stress on the plants. We nurture them in well-drained soil enriched with soybean curd refuse and oil cake, fostering optimal growth. In particular, the "Purple Onion" boasts a subtle spiciness, and its sweetness is further enhanced when fried or steamed in foil. To accentuate its vibrant color, it's recommended for use in salads or pickles.


Annual Production/Manufacturing Quantity 100kg
Available Period
Beginning of Season Mid-May
End of Season Early September

Procurement Information

Order Lead Time Within 3 to 7 days
Delivery Method Delivery service
Delivery Area Nationwide
Quantity per Case 2kg/case
Remarks Regarding Cases Please consult with us for size and amount of orders.
Storage Temperature Zone Room temperature
Certification Osaka Eco Agricultural Products, CFP (carbon footprint of product)
Other Certification 57% CO2 reduction

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