Product Name Grape
Category fruits
Product Description Imahori Grape Vineyard cultivates a total of 15 grape varieties, including Delaware, Shine Muscat, and Pione. Our cultivation methods are tailored to each variety's desired flavor profile. For instance, with Delaware grapes, we strive for a harmonious balance of sweetness and subtle acidity, while for Muscat grapes, we aim for a refreshing sweetness that isn't overpowering. However, the specific blend of fertilizers we use to achieve these flavors remains a closely guarded trade secret. Drawing from years of experience, we craft grapes with distinctive flavors unique to our farm. We meticulously oversee our grapes to prevent moisture and ensure swift shipping, delivering fully ripened grapes with exceptional freshness.


Annual Production/Manufacturing Quantity 8t
Available Period
Beginning of Season Early June
End of Season Early September

Procurement Information

Order Lead Time Within 1 week (depending on quantity and season. Maybe delayed during peak season)
Delivery Method Delivery service
Delivery Area Nationwide
Quantity per Case 1.2kg/case, 1.5kg/case, 2kg/case, 2.5kg/case
Storage Temperature Zone Room temperature
Certification Osaka Eco Agricultural Products