Ebi-Imo (shrimp-shaped taro)

Product Name Ebi-Imo (shrimp-shaped taro)
Category vegetables
Product Description The distinctive striped pattern and curved shape of our produce are achieved through a meticulous process known as "hilling." Ebi-imo, a variety of Japanese taro, is renowned for its robust stickiness and fluffy texture when steamed. Although the Nishiitamochi area of Tondabayashi City, home to Nakasuji Farm, has a longstanding reputation as an ebi-imo production hub, there was a decline in producers due to the challenges of cultivation. Nevertheless, through our farm's unique, attentive management practices—leveraging the well-drained soil of the Nishiitamochi region and carefully administering fertilizers and watering—we've successfully cultivated ebi-imo with an intensely concentrated, flavorful profile.


Annual Production/Manufacturing Quantity Approximately 6,000kg (1,200 cases of 5kg box)
Available Period
Beginning of Season Early November
End of Season Late February

Procurement Information

Order Lead Time Up to 10 days (when the stock is unavailable. Harvest, wash, select and ship)
Delivery Method Delivered by Sagawa Express
Delivery Area Nationwide
Remarks Regarding Cases Negotiable
Storage Temperature Zone Room temperature
Certification JGAP
Other Certification Japan Geographical Indication (GI)