Product Name Cucumber
Category vegetables
Product Description At "Kawabata Farm," we specialize in cultivating two varieties of cucumbers: black wart cucumber and white wart cucumber. Our cucumbers are known for their robust flavor with just a hint of bitterness. Among them, the white wart cucumber stands out, cherished by many children for its tender sweetness and crisp texture. Our secret lies in meticulous temperature and water control, along with soil enrichment using natural fertilizers derived from fish and seaweed, packed with amino acids and minerals. Whether enjoyed fresh or cooked, these cucumbers are a delightful treat, highly recommended for their exceptional taste. You can find them available twice a year, from early April to early July and from early October to late December, exclusively at Kawabata Farm.


Annual Production/Manufacturing Quantity 25t
Available Period
Beginning of Season Early April
End of Season Late December

Procurement Information

Order Lead Time Approximately 3 days
Delivery Method Courier service, we can deliver the order within Kawachi Nagano City upon request
Delivery Area Nationwide (delivery service)
Minimum Number of Cases that can be Ordered From 2kg (approximately 20 cucumbers)
Storage Temperature Zone Keep refrigerated (10 ℃ if possible)
Certification Osaka Eco Agricultural Products
Other Certification Acquired a three-star certification in the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries' Greenhouse Gas Reduction Visualization Demonstration Project in 2022