Classic Jam: Benihoppe Strawberry Jam from Chihaya-Akasaka Village

Product Name Classic Jam: Benihoppe Strawberry Jam from Chihaya-Akasaka Village
Category processed-foods-excluding-alcoholic-beverages
Product Description Jam made from "Benihoppe" strawberries cultivated in Chihaya-Akasaka Village, along with beet sugar and lemon juice. Its sugar content is approximately 40%, highlighting its subtle sweetness. Notably, according to the Japanese Agricultural Standards (JAS), jams must have a sugar content of 40% or higher to be classified as such. Therefore, it can be considered the "most subtly sweet jam." No artificial coloring, flavoring, or thickening agents are used. The strawberries used as ingredients are also chosen to be grown without pesticides during the cultivation period, adding to its appeal as a safe and delicious choice. We invite you to savor the taste of the season and the natural ingredients.


Annual Production/Manufacturing Quantity Approximately 300 jars (vary depending on the harvest)
Available Period
Beginning of Season Mid-April
End of Season Late December

Manufacturing Information

Name of Osaka-mon Ingredient Used Strawberries (Benihoppe)
Source of Osaka-mon Ingredients Chihaya-Akasaka Village
Raw Materials Strawberries, Beet sugar, Lemon juice

Procurement Information

Order Lead Time 3~4days
Delivery Method Delivery service
Delivery Area Nationwide
Weight/Volume 150g/jar
Quantity per Case 12 jars/case
Remarks Regarding Cases Available from 1 case
Storage Temperature Zone Room temperature (avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity. Keep refrigerated after opening)
Expiry Date 1 year after manufacture
Suggested Retail Prices 918 yen (tax included)/jar
Certification Organic JAS, HACCP Certification