Product Name Carrot
Category vegetables
Product Description Yamamoto Farm cultivates a diverse range of carrots, including black carrots, Ayahomare, Aroma Red, Kintoki carrots, Persimmon carrots, Terdam, Salad carrots, and Kinbi Plus. In the fields, the exclusive focus on growing carrots once a year harnesses the power of microorganisms, allowing pesticide-free cultivation. Carrots grown in granulated and fluffy soil exhibit a densely packed, thick, and round shape with sweetness extending to the tip. Keeping leaf stalks short and promoting a profusion of leaves ensures efficient photosynthesis, storing nutrients in the carrots. Across all varieties, the carrots are free from the typical odor and bitterness, offering a sweet and easily enjoyable taste.


Annual Production/Manufacturing Quantity 10t
Available Period
Beginning of Season Early November
End of Season Late February

Procurement Information

Order Lead Time Within one week (Depending on quantity and other factors)
Delivery Method Delivery service
Remarks Regarding Cases 応相談
Storage Temperature Zone Room temperature
Certification Osaka Eco Agricultural Products