Bean Sprouts

Product Name Bean Sprouts
Category vegetables
Product Description When vegetables are in short supply due to factors like typhoons and cold waves, bean sprouts serve as a pinch-hitter, filling the shelves. Nakano Farm Co., Ltd. engages in the large-scale production of these bean sprouts. According to the company president, "My child won't eat any bean sprouts except for our own." Their distinct features include tenderness and minimal bitterness. They are cultivated in closed greenhouses without a roof, where temperature and watering frequency are meticulously controlled. The complete exclusion of insects and foreign matter ensures peace of mind for consumers.


Available Period
Beginning of Season Early January
End of Season Late December

Procurement Information

Order Lead Time Same day (available only for customers with established accounts and using our in-house delivery service)
Delivery Method ・In-house delivery ・Delivery service
Delivery Area In-house delivery is available in Osaka Prefecture, Kobe, northern Nara, and within Kyoto city.
Quantity per Case 10 units/ 1 case
Storage Temperature Zone Refrigerated
Suggested Retail Prices *Suggested retail price 100 yen (price is subject to change)
Certification JGAP