What is the "Sustainable Procurement Code"?


Consume and contribute to the environment!
SDGs food items that also focus on the production and shipping environment.

For a Better Future

The Procurement Code first appeared at the 2015 Expo in Milan, when the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted by the United Nations.
As of 2023, there is a growing global movement in favor of sustainable choices.
Selecting and supporting goods and services that conform to the Procurement Code is the first step for businesses and for future development.

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Procurement Code for Sustainability

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Various Initiatives by Producers

Here are some producers who are working on initiatives

  1. CASE

    Utilizing Solar Energy
    for Agriculture

    "Smart agriculture" utilizing robot technology and ICT is spreading in Osaka Prefecture. For example, "automatic open/close controllers" have been installed in greenhouses to automate temperature and humidity control. Automatically adjusting the temperature and humidity in the greenhouses appropriately will reduce the usage of heaters, resulting in CO2 emission reductions. In addition, some young farmers are further saving energy by using solar power for this electricity.

  2. CASE

    Preventing Pests with the Power of Nature
    Environmentally and People-friendly Agriculture

    No use of artificial chemical pesticides, and pest control measures are being developed that utilize the power of nature. One example is the method of introducing organisms that serve as natural enemies of pests. By reducing the number of times chemical pesticides are used, not only is the impact on the environment reduced, but the physical burden on the producer is also reduced. In addition, making use of harmless organisms other than pests also helps to preserve biodiversity.

  3. CASE

    Connecting the Future of Agriculture and Welfare
    "Nofuku (Agriculture and Welfare Cooperation)" for a Heartful Agriculture

    Heartful Agriculture is an initiative to help people with disabilities participate in society with confidence and a sense of fulfillment by enabling them to play an active role in the agricultural sector. It not only creates opportunities for people with disabilities to work and find fulfillment in life but may also help to secure human resources in the agricultural sector, which is facing a shortage of workers and an aging population. In Osaka Prefecture, various forms of agricultural and welfare cooperation are recognized as "Heartful Agriculture."

Flow of Negotiations

  1. STEP

    Find products
    you are interested in

    First, please find the product you like from the "List of Qualified Products" page.

  2. STEP

    Contact the producer
    or distributor

    Check the details on the producer of the product you are interested in or the "Search for Processing / Distribution Companies" page.
    Contact the producer/distributor directly by phone, fax, e-mail, or website to discuss which product you want, when you want it, and in what quantity.

  3. STEP

    Purchase the products

    It is possible to purchase products on a trial basis first, and then consider full-scale. Please consult with the producers or distributors to discuss it further.

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