What is the Osaka CFP (Carbon Footprint)?


CFP is an initiative to convert greenhouse gas emissions from the production of products into CO2 emissions and display the amount per product or service.

Advantages of Using Osaka CFP Products in Restaurants

  1. 01

    Environmentally Friendly Choice

    Choosing products that contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions will help solve environmental problems such as climate change. It is an important step to reduce the global environmental impact to build a sustainable future.

  2. 02

    Attract New Customers

    In recent years, consumers tend to consider "environmental consciousness" as one of the deciding factors in their product purchases. By offering products using Osaka CFP, you can acquire new fans, for example, by creating an opportunity for environmentally conscious consumers to become interested in your products.

  3. 03

    Enhance Corporate Value

    Environmental considerations create a positive impression on consumers and customers, leading to an increase in corporate value. It also plays a role in preserving a sustainable environment for future generations by contributing toward the protection and maintenance of the global environment.

Choose environmentally friendly products and support producers and businesses!

Osaka CFP (Carbon Footprint)

Look for this mark!

To All Restaurant Service Providers, the 2025 Expo Participating Countries, and Local Officials who Consider Using the Osaka CFP Items

Flow of Negotiations

  1. STEP

    Find products
    you are interested in

    First, please find the product you like from the "List of Qualified Products" page.

  2. STEP

    Contact the producer
    or distributor

    Check the details on the producer of the product you are interested in or the "Search for Processing / Distribution Companies" page. Contact the producer/distributor directly by phone, fax, e-mail, or website to discuss which product you want, when you want it, and in what quantity.

  3. STEP

    Purchase the products

    It is possible to purchase products on a trial basis first, and then consider full-scale. Please consult with the producers or distributors to discuss it further.

Advantages for Producers to Register with Osaka CFP

  1. 01

    Be Able to Inform Consumers of
    Reduction Efforts at the Production
    and Distribution Stages

    The Osaka CFP visualizes the various efforts of producers, which are not easily communicated to consumers. For example, reduction of pesticides and chemical fertilizers during production, reduction of fuel consumption, and efforts for local production for local consumption in Osaka Prefecture can be publicized to consumers easily and comprehensibly.

  2. 02

    Lead to Expansion of Sales Channels
    and Promotion of Products

    Since the Osaka CFP mark is recognized as an environmentally friendly product, it can be a key factor for environmentally conscious consumers and businesses to make a decision to purchase your product. It also gives a positive impression as a producer that contributes to the environment and society, and can lead to the expansion of sales channels and purchase promotion.

  3. 03

    Environmentally Conscious
    and Sustainability Conscious

    Visualizing the amount of CO2 reduction in products and displaying it as a label or a mark at the time of sale can appeal to consumers and businesses to be environmentally conscious toward decarbonization and encourage them to change their behavior, thereby contributing to solving environmental problems such as climate change.

Easy! 3 Steps to Osaka CFP Registration

  1. STEP

    Input production
    and transportation

    Please fill in a simple calculation sheet by selecting information such as production area and cultivation type of agricultural products.

  2. STEP

    Calculation of
    CO2 reduction rate

    Based on the results of STEP 1, the CO2 reduction rate is calculated.

  3. STEP

    Calculation results

    The calculated CO2 reduction rate (e.g., "30% CO2 reduction") is now able to be indicated at supermarkets and on this database.

To All Producers and Businesses
Engaged in Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Please contact us at the following.

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For producers/businesses who already have the products listed on Osaka-mon database

Osaka Prefecture, Environment, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Department
Osaka Product Promotion Group, Brand Strategy Promotion Division
phone | 06-6210-9605 fax | 06-6210-9604
email | ryutsutaisaku-g05@gbox.pref.osaka.lg.jp

<Contact Information>

People who are interested in the Osaka CFP (other than the producers/businesses who already have their products listed on this database)

Osaka Prefecture, Environment, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Department
Decarbonization and Energy Policy Division
phone | 06-6210-9553 fax | 06-6210-9259
email | eneseisaku-03@gbox.pref.osaka.lg.jp